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Catalog and Dataset required fields

* - required IF APPLICABLE
fieldthis labelvalue
conforms toData Standardhttps://project-open-data.cio.gov/v1.1/schema/
datasetresourcesdataset files
descriptionDescriptionHuman-readable description (e.g., an abstract) with sufficient detail to enable a user to quickly understand whether the asset is of interest.
modifiedModifiedIs automatically generated everytime you edit the dataset
publisher??? Author??The publishing entity and optionally their parent organization(s).
contactPointContact Name & Contact emailContact Name & Contact email
identifierIdentifieris automatically generated
accessLevelPublic Access Levelis automatically set to public
license*LicenseOpen Data Commons Open Database License (default?)
spatial*Spatial / Geographical Coverage AreaThe range of spatial applicability of a dataset. Could include a spatial region like a bounding box or a named place.
temporal*Temporal CoverageThe range of temporal applicability of a dataset (i.e., a start and end date of applicability for the data).
distribution*??A container for the array of Distribution objects. See Dataset Distribution Fields below for details.
distribution-accessURL*??URL providing indirect access to a dataset, for example via API or a graphical interface.
distribution-downloadURL*??URL providing direct access to a downloadable file of a dataset.
distribution-mediaType*??The machine-readable file format (IANA Media Type or MIME Type) of the distribution’s downloadURL

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