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SmokeFreeBrain aims to address the effectiveness of a multi-level variety of interventions aiming at smoking cessation in high risk target groups within High Middle Income Countries (HMIC) such as unemployed young adults, COPD and asthma patients, as well as within the general population in Low Middle Income Countries (LMIC). The project addresses existing approaches aiming to prevent lung diseases caused by tobacco while at the same time it develops new treatments and analyzes their contextual adaptability to the local and global health care system.

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Nurse vaccinates smiling baby.

If you’re an American over the age of 25, you may remember chickenpox -- formally known as the varicella zoster virus -- as an inevitable rite of passage. As the Center for Disease Control has written: “Before the availability of varicella vaccine in the United States, almost everyone had varicella.”

Hand refusing offered cigarettes

The Center for Disease Control, the National Cancer Institute and a multitude of advocacy organizations such as the American Cancer Society have fought for decades to educate Americans about the dangers of smoking, and why it’s best to quit as soon as possible -- or of course, to never start in the first place

Madison WI

Madison, Wisconsin is home to thousands of trees, and it's a core service provided by the government. Madison Parks provides forestry services to not only maintain natural resources in the urban environment but also increase the diversity of native tree species. Improving the overall green space in the city improves the quality of life, enhances public/recreational spaces, and provides opportunities for greater learning about the environment and the heritage of Madison.

London skyline

London is a city with a rich history spanning many centuries. Over the years, different towns, previously not part of the capital, have expanded and stitched themselves together to form the metropolis we know today. London is an early instance of a globalizing society with effects that make up its often-admired modern character.


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The Committee on International Affairs is a working group to identify opportunities to learn from and collaborate with...

The Neuroscience of Cognition and Affection is housed in the Medical Physics Laboratory of Aristotle University of...


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How do changing workforce demographics inform how we budget for a retirement and pension fund or budget and program evaluation?

Transportation systems across the country are adapting to meet the needs of their stakeholders. It's a basic service that many citizens rely on, so it has to work for everyone all of the time.

How are crime rates and types represented appropriately when comparing major metropolitan cities?